Kimberly Had Unprotected Sex With An Ex & Contracted Chlamydia

Making love can be a magical, wonderful thing. When Kimberly reunited with her first love, whom she lost her virginity to, she was in complete bliss.

She met up with her former boyfriend after he relocated to the same city, and suggested the two meet up for lunch. To her surprise, the two reignited the flame that’d burned out over a decade ago. After lunch, the two had dessert, and ended up spending the entire day together. Just before dinner, she invited him over to see her place and offered to cook since his new kitchen wasn’t quite ready.

The night started with a few drinks, and then lots of kissing before she could even cut up all of the vegetables. Kimberly felt like she was 15 again, and in love for the first time. She suggested slipping into something more comfortable, and the touching & intimacy ensued.

Over the last several years, Kimberly only had sex with 3 other guys while in lengthy relationships with them. She felt safe, having an intimate night with her ex because after all, they did lose their virginity to each other. She became a young girl around him, and naively trusted him without asking any questions about his experiences since they’d broken up. The two had unprotected sex for several hours and he ended up staying the night. The next morning she made him breakfast and he left.

After that night, they didn’t speak for several weeks. Kimberly thought about him frequently but wanted to give him space to adjust to the new city, reminding herself that the two weren’t actually dating. She was nervous about getting pregnant because they hadn’t used a condom, but after she wasn’t showing any symptoms, she thought she was in the clear.

Then it came time for a routine checkup with her gynecologist and that’s when Kimberly found out she had chlamydia.

Apologetically, Kimberly reached out to her ex and let him know that he needed to get tested. Soon he found out that he too had chlamydia and called Kimberly to let her know. He mentioned that he’d had a fling a few nights before he moved, and suspected that the girl might’ve given it to him. This was relieving to Kimberly because she probably wasn’t infected for very long. Her previous sexual partner was more than 8 months prior. And hosting an untreated STD for that long would’ve surely made it more difficult to treat.

Today Kimberly is much more cautious and always uses protection, prioritizing her own health & safety over getting lost in the moment. The two kept in touch but the flame fizzled out again. Through this experience, she learned to be more diligent and thoughtful – even with the people you trust.

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