I Was the First Person She Told About Her HIV Diagnosis…

I was working in a Brazilian Butt clinic in Miami and one of my patients found out she was diagnosed with HIV after getting her bloodwork done just before surgery. I imagine this is one of the WORST and most embarrassing ways to find out. She told me first. So this is my story as the “friend” of someone who was diagnosed, though I can’t even imagine how she felt.

I spoke with patients regularly about very personal issues. I’ve had diabetic patients, overweight patients, abusive relationship patients, and all sorts that I’ve had to sort of be a friend & psychiatrist for at times. I’ve seen all of my patients naked (through photos and in-person), and they usually tell me their deepest insecurities about sex, and how they feel about their bodies. But this was my hardest and most humbling experience yet.

She’s a mom. She’s a daughter, wife, and friend. We had been talking about her surgery for weeks and it was nearly time for her to fly out for the procedure. She called me and said “Lex…” and I knew something was really wrong. I thought she was going to say she was second-guessing the surgery (very common) and have dealt with that situation hundreds of times. But then she goes “I got my bloodwork back…and um I just found out I am HIV positive.” – silence…

I had no clue what to say. Then she starts rambling and crying about how she “has no idea who she could’ve got it from” or “how long she’s had it.” I could hear the fear in her voice. She said she felt like “a leper” and was so ashamed and embarrassed. THEN she asked me would she still be able to get the surgery….

I inquired with the doctor and he said it would cost $1,000 extra because they have to sterilize everything KNOWING the staff wouldn’t have to do anything different. They were just planning to exploit the woman because she was a “leper” in a sense, and society would approve of such treatment.

I stopped working with that doctor shortly after this because i saw first-hand how horribly people are treated when diagnosed with an STD or HIV. This was the last straw.

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