Being able to do anonymous STD testing at home is amazing. Just a few years ago, this wasn’t possible. If you wanted to get tested, you would have to visit your doctor or a clinic. Nobody likes taking hours out of their day to take an STI test. Even worse, you definitely don’t want to leave work to get tested. What would you tell your boss?

I wouldn’t want anyone to know where I was going. It’s a shame that STDs are so stigmatized, but that’s the reality we live in. You shouldn’t have to hide the fact that you want to get tested or that you have an STI. They’re a normal part of life if you’re sexually active. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but the truth of the matter is that people will judge you if they know you’re getting tested or have an STD. That’s why being able to test yourself in the comfort of your home is such a blessing.

There are some STDs that you still need to get tested at a lab or your doctors office, but a lot don’t require a doctors visit. Let’s take a look at which STD test kits can be ordered online.

Incognito STD Testing At Home

There are many different STIs that you can detect with an at home STD kit. These tests may not cover every STI under the sun, but they detect some of the most common ones.

When I think of sexually transmitted diseases, the first ones that come to mind are herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and of course, HIV. There are home test kits for all of those and more! It makes me feel warm inside to know that more people will start testing since it can be secretly done from home. Hopefully it slows down the spread of STIs.


Genital Herpes Test Kit

Genital herpes or HSV-2 is one of the most common STDs in the United States. It’s rather easy to spread and hard to prevent. It can be spread easily because you can contract it even if your partner isn’t displaying any symptoms. You can still come down with HSV-2 even if you use protection. Since the soars can be around the genital area, you can come into contact with them even with a condom. Unfortunately, condoms are not 100% effective against HSV-2. Condoms have a better success rate with some of the other STDs on this list.

Chlamydia Testing

Chlamydia is a tricky one because many people don’t show any symptoms. If it’s not treated, it can cause serious problems, like infertility in women. Luckily, this is one of the STIs that can be tested for at your house. Since chlamydia is so common, experts recommend that you get tested at least once a year if you’re sexually active. The earlier you detect chlamydia, the better off you’ll be. Chances of becoming sterile are greatly diminished if you detect it early. Since the spread of chlamydia is preventable, we can help eradicate this infection all together by getting tested and treated.

Gonorrhea Test Kit

According to the CDC, 820,000 people come down with gonorrhea every year. What’s even more alarming is that 70% of those cases are people under the age of 25. That is scary because younger people don’t take getting tested as seriously as their older counterparts. If you are sexually active in the under 25 age group, I would strongly encourage you to get tested for gonorrhea as well as the other common STIs. Fortunately, gonorrhea is easily treatable. It’s a bacterial infection, meaning it can be cured with some antibiotics. If you find out you have gonorrhea, don’t freak out. Just get it treated.

syphilis testing

Home Syphilis Test

Syphilis is another one of those STIs that can be tested for from your home. Just like gonorrhea and chlamydia, this is a bacterial infection. The treatment for it is similar, which consists of taking antibiotics. As with most of these tests, you’ll get your results back pretty rapidly. It only takes a few days for the lab to interpret the results. This is definitely an STI that you want to catch early. If it’s left untreated, it can cause permanent complications such as blindness and brain damage.

Home HIV Test

HIV is one of the most notorious STDs of all time. In many countries, it’s one of the top causes of death. Luckily in the US treatments have been effective for extending the lifespan of people with HIV. Not only that, but condoms work pretty well to slow the spread of HIV. Unfortunately, HIV is not curable with our current technology. Hopefully one day scientists and researchers figure out a way to eradicate the virus. Given all the progress that has been made with HIV medication, I’m hopeful that one day the acronym won’t strike fear into people’s hearts. But for now, make sure you protect yourself and test yourself. It would be smart to test your partner before sleeping with them, but realistically I know that’s not going to happen most of the time.

HPV Blood Test

HPV or the human papillomavirus is actually not just one virus. It’s the name for over 150 virus that are related. Since there are so many different types of HPV, it’s hard to say what the symptoms are. Some types of HPV can cause genital warts while other types may turn into cancer. Unfortunately, HPV is not curable but it can become dormant. Once the virus is dormant in your body, you will not show any symptoms of HPV. However, at any time the virus can reemerge and the symptoms will reemerge with it. Given the seriousness of this STI, it’s important to test for it in order to prevent the spread of it.

Hepatitis C Test Kit

This is one you definitely want to catch early on. If hepatitis C is left untreated it can cause irreversible damage to your body. Some of the most common affect of untreated hepatitis C is cirrhosis (scarring of the liver), which can lead to liver failure or liver cancer (WebMD). While that may sound horrifying, it’s not all bad news. Recent advances in the treatment of hepatitis C have proven to be very effective. This virus can now be considered curable. If you don’t have any signs of the virus in your blood three months after finishing your treatment, you are considered cured! Chances are the virus will not be coming back once it’s not showing up in your blood that far after treatment.

Trichomoniasis Test At Home

Have you ever heard of trichomoniasis or trich for short? Trich isn’t talked about as much as some of the other STIs on this list, but it’s a very common parasitic STI. The CDC estimates that 3.7 million people are living with trichomoniasis. It is most easily spread by engaging in unprotected vaginal sex. You greatly reduce your risk of getting it by using a condom, but it’s still possible to contract with a condom. This is an STI that can be hard to detect since the symptoms aren’t severe. If left untreated, you will be at greater risk of contracting HIV, having health problems, and giving birth prematurely. The good news is, trichomoniasis is treatable with antibiotics.

Mycoplasma Genitalium Testing Info


Mycoplasma genitalium or mycoplamsa for short is a bacterial STI that can be spread through oral, anal, and vaginal sex. Even though the mycoplasma bacteria can be found in your throat, it cannot be spread through kissing. If you haven’t heard of this STI before, don’t feel uninformed. It has just recently been classified as an STI. Since it’s a bacterial infection, it is treatable. Similar to the other bacterial infections, the consequences get worse if it goes untreated. Left unchecked, it can cause health problems, urethritis, inflammation, and infertility. A simple at home mycoplasma test can help prevent the serious long term effects. If you find out you have mycoplasma, visit your doctor and she’ll be able to discuss your treatment option. Treatment usually consist of an antibiotic and it’s pretty effective. Some sources are reporting that mycoplasma is becoming resistant to the antibacterial medication but it’s still curable.

Over The Counter STD Test Kit Cost

Test are as cheap as $80. If you want to get tested for everything it’ll cost a little more to buy a bundle. If you’re only testing for one STD, it’ll probably cost you less than the price of going out to eat five times.

Welcome to the digital age. It’s amazing! Testing yourself for an STD is now cheaper than a pair of medium tier headphones! Now that you can test yourself for sexually transmitted infections at home, there’s no reason not to do it. The prices are fairly affordable too. They’re much cheaper than going to a lab and you don’t have to have insurance to use a home std test kit.

How to Test for STDs at Home

You can order several different at home STD tests to check for infections such as: genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, trichomoniasis,  syphilis, hepatitis C, mycoplasma genitalium, and HPV.

The procedure is the same for most STI home tests. Most likely you’re going to have to prick your finger and collect a blood sample.

These kits usually come with pre-addressed return packages to make sending the sample effortless. After you’ve collected your bio sample, follow the instructions on packaging your sample. Once you’ve packaged it in the provided return packaging, all you have to do is drop it off at the post office. One to two weeks later you should have your results.

I’m crossing my fingers that your results come back all clear! Even if they don’t come back negative, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Removing the Stigma Behind Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The stigma behind STIs is just ridiculous. STIs are a normal part of a sexually active lifestyle. Getting an STD is like getting the flu. If you’re around people, you’ll eventually catch the flu. If you have sex, protected or not, you can catch an STD. Catching an STD doesn’t mean you’re promiscuous or a whore. All it means is that you had sexual intercourse with someone who had an STI. It’s that simple.

You could have only had sex one time with your long-time partner and contract an STI. I’ve read stories about virgins catching STDs when they had sex with their new spouse for the first time. It happens and it’s nothing we should shame people over no more than we shame people for catching the flu.

My Friend With HSV-2

One of my friends from high school only had sex with two people and caught HSV-2 (genital herpes). Both of the people she had sex with were her boyfriends. She wasn’t promiscuous or a whore. She dated two guys she really liked over the course of four years and one of them must have had HSV-2.

She’s still the same sweet person she was before contracting HSV-2. She’s not “dirty” or some kind of untouchable. And she’s not defined by having HSV-2. It’s a skin condition that surfaces a time or two every year. We need to keep it in perspective and not stigmatize it any further. Actually, we all need to work on removing the stigma behind sexually transmitted diseases. The less we stigmatize it, the more people will get tested. Routine testing will drastically help prevent the unconscious spreading of STIs.